Renovating an art deco bathroom means retaining its original features but improving on its functionality.
Alcon Building Group are specialists in heritage properties.

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Owning an art deco home is a rarity, as this style is usually reserved for apartment buildings. This means homes that are designed in this style are full of personality and unique in their design. As with all historic homes, renovation for art deco homes is essential when it comes to making these buildings functional for many years to come. With an art deco extension from Alcon Building Group, you can ensure your house can grow with your family.

Historical Influences

Alcon Building Group is inspired by period architecture and Melbourne’s design history. Our art deco extension and renovation services are designed to add value to your existing property by continuing the style of the time while adding modern conveniences such as energy efficient appliances.

We understand the legal restrictions that come with renovating a heritage property, and we have no intention of damaging the original structure or taking any of the character away from your home.

Time to Renovate?

Art deco features can sometimes become tired and dated. It’s important to choose the right features to highlight the era and combine them with contemporary style and functionality to keep your home looking elegant going into the future. Coloured sinks and baths were once a popular feature in these homes, but they can now look dated and even shrink a room. If you’re still using a mint green bathtub, it might be time to consider an art deco bathroom renovation.

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