Renovating an Edwardian House to bring it into the 21st century?
We are Edwardian House Renovations specialists & can help maintain your home’s history, nostalgia and romance.

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Residents in any of Melbourne’s beautiful Edwardian homes have an appreciation for classic beauty. These homes are an elegant and charming reflection of a simple time and have a romantic and nostalgic feel to them. However, maintaining this feeling without feeling like you’re stuck living in the past requires a careful balance. The team at Alcon Building Group are experts on Edwardian house renovations in Melbourne – contact us today for advice on how to find this middle ground.

Adding Modern Conveniences

When renovating an Edwardian house, it’s easy to discard modern conveniences in an effort to keep your home’s purity. At Alcon Building Group, we specialise in bringing period homes into the 21st century. We know how to choose modern appliances that will suit your home and also know how to install them without infringing on heritage laws or detracting from the beauty of the house. Whether you’re looking into Edwardian house extensions or a complete Edwardian house restoration, we can help you enjoy all the conveniences and advantages that come with a new home while maintaining the character of your heritage home.

Keeping the Edwardian Charm

It’s important to keep intact the elegant charm and history that’s attached to all period homes. An Edwardian house renovation in Melbourne should therefore be undertaken with care to avoid losing any character. A well done Edwardian renovation that brings an old house back to life can give you a beautiful home to live in for years to come and even increase value when it comes to resell.

As experts in Edwardian house renovations, we’re here to provide advice and assistance and listen to your needs. Call us on 1300 425 266 or contact us online to learn more.

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