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Melbourne is home to some of the most beautiful historic homes you are likely to see. These homes are filled with character – and no doubt also with countless stories to tell from generations of families occupying them over the years. But like anything that has a few years behind it, these old houses often require a little extra work and upkeep to maintain their beauty and character. This is where Alcon Building Group can help with our old home renovation services.

We conduct period home renovations in Melbourne that preserve everything there is to value about these historic homes, all while ensuring they remain liveable for years to come. Whether it’s updating the kitchen with an old house kitchen renovation or replacing windows that have seen better days, when it comes to old house renovation, we’ve got your needs covered.

Maintaining the Essence of Your Home

With any historic home renovation, it’s important to preserve the history of the property, particularly so with listed heritage home renovations in Melbourne. Alcon Building Group ensures that we comply with all the rules set for such period home renovations to make sure everything remains legal and above board. You can be confident that the end result will be one that seamlessly marries the glorious home of the past with the stylish house of the future. But never will our modern extensions to period homes do away with the essence of the home that you love.

Preserve Your Home for Years to Come

If your historic home has seen better days and you want to bring it back to life without losing what makes it so special, get in touch with the experienced Victorian house renovation team at Alcon Building Group. Call us on 1300 425 266 or contact us online for more information about our house renovations in Melbourne.

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