Steel Stud Partitions are perfect for separating one large room into multiple smaller spaces.

This improves functionality and optimises the use of an area.Alcon Building Group Melbourne - Commercial Fitouts

What Are Steel Stud Partitions?

  • Steel stud partitions use metal instead of wood as a frame.
  • Steel partition walls are lightweight, convenient and safe. They are used all over the world for this purpose.
  • Steel frames are best used for non weight bearing walls, making them a perfect choice for many commercial renovations and extensions.
  • Steel stud installation is significantly faster than wood.
  • These metal frames come in a variety of shapes and sizes, allowing you to create the perfect partition for your office.

Why Alcon Building Group Chooses Steel

Alcon Building Group endeavours to use the best materials to guarantee a quality renovation or extension. This extends to our steel partition walls, which are perfect for offices or dividing a large area. Just as sturdy as wood, a steel frame wall comes with additional safety measures. Termites won’t touch your metal, so your steel partition walls are safe from internal damage caused by pests. Not only that, but they’re also safe from fire, as metal will not burn like wood will.

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