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Melbourne Home Extensions

Home extensions can be a great option to add space and value to your home, but you should be aware of navigating the process if you haven’t add renovation or home extension works performed to your home before. Alcon Building Group are experienced and able to deliver stunning results to your space, and we want to ensure your project takes off on the right footing.

Is a Home Extension Right for You?

Home extensions are the best option when life circumstances change and you love your current location. Without having to relocate away from your friends, kids school, you can maintain your current lifestyle and benefit from extra room and added value to your property.

  • Planning to add to the family?
  • Having regular guests come to stay?
  • Working from home and need a dedicated office space?
  • Add a second storey to your property to increase its value?

These are all valid reasons why it may be better to invest in your current property, rather than seeking a brand new space to call home.

What should you be aware of before commencing home extension works?

If you have decided a home extension is for you, but don’t know where to start, we would advise you to get in touch for a no-obligation conversation around your current home and goals. We will discuss with you proper planning, which is advisable to ensure any builder is aware of any structural issues before commencing home extension and renovation works, and reduces surprise variations to build cost in the long run.

Being aware that your renovation team cannot be liable for any existing structural issues outside of what is stipulated in a building contract, and it is likely that you may be charged for additional materials and labour required to fix pre-existing issues. These contractual agreements are put in place to protect both parties. If you need to clarify anything within a building contract, don’t hesitate to contact an Alcon Building Group staff member prior to construction commencement.

Will I be able to attend my property whilst home renovations take place?

The short answer is yes. However, many factors are involved, and we take both your lifestyle and safety in to consideration and strive to minimise any negative impact to your family life. It must be considered that your property, or part of your home, or backyard is considered a construction zone and all OH&S practises must be considered prior to any short-term inconveniences.

We have no issue with you visiting any Alcon Building site during your home extension, or utilising all parts of your home if it is deemed safe between both parties to do so. Be mindful our staff and contractors may need ample access and parking space to your property in order to bring in materials and access their tools. Our biggest aim is to mitigate any risks to your family whilst providing a safe, efficient working environment for our staff.

How much is it to extend my home?

Every home is different, and the cost associated with extensions can vary quite a lot depending on existing structural issues, quality of materials and finishes, size of the home extension and other various factors. Be aware that changing your home may also impact your surrounding block, so accounting for landscaping may also be a financial consideration; whether you decide to contract the work out or perform it yourself.

If you would like to know more or arrange a Quote for a Home Extension, please consider giving us a call in your planning stages to see how we can best assist you. Give us a call on 1300 425 266 or contact us on the form below.

Our Home Extension Services

At Alcon Building Group, we deliver a complete service offering for home extensions. Whether you need a new rumpus room for the kids or teenagers to hang out, a larger, more practical bedroom, luxurious ensuite bathroom or would like to extend your kitchen for some much needed cooking and serving space we have you completely covered. As every home is unique, our services are completely tailored for your living space.


Home Renovations

Why not renovate part of your existing home to match the quality of your new home extension?

Bathroom Renovations and Bathroom Remodelling

Bathroom Renovations

We offer competitive pricing on new bathroom installations as part of your home extension.

Kitchen Renovations Melbourne

Kitchen Renovations

Let us help to add more value to your home with a kitchen renovation as part of your extension.

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