Architectural Joinery

Custom Made Joinery

At Alcon Building, we are equipped to take on any bespoke Architectural Joinery. Whether you need standard cabinetry, curved walls or shelving or something to fit a specific dimension, we can assist.

We utilise the latest in CAD technology to take Architectural drawings, and create specific shop drawings for approval and construction. We partner with Architects to ensure their vision can come to fruition, and liaise with our specialist industry partners when required to ensure client demands can meet construction methodology and best practise.

If you have special project requirements for your Architectural space or as part of your Custom Built Home package, we would love to hear from you even prior to tendering for any project. Get your project on the right footing from concept through to delivery.

Custom LED Panels, LED Strips and LED Lightboxes

At Alcon Building Group, we are masters of Custom LED lighting solutions. Whether you need an illuminated LED lightbox to highlight your cafe’s name, expressive LED strips to create an interest around your joinery or full LED panels to really impress our technicians can create something quite unique for your retail store, office space or even your home.

We have created fully illuminated bars in restaurants which really lifts the vibe on a venue, and acts as a modern centrepiece to elegant, refined spaces. For another unique application, Alcon Building Group created custom LED panels for a cafe inspired by Japanese Architecture and Shoji paper walls. Coupled with Japan Black Recycled Messmate and Marble Benchtops, this classy, elegant design was brought to life and is a standout attraction within its affluent Collins St location.


Custom Stone Benchtops

If you are looking for something quality and unique to add to your home kitchen or restaurant, and have a little extra room in your budget we highly recommend custom marble and stone benchtops. Although these solutions can be more pricey than budget solutions, they look and feel amazing, are great conversation pieces and are extremely durable, enough to last a lifetime.

By choosing real stone, you will be part of the process by choosing the material, and sighting the pieces before they are taken to an expert stonemason for cutting and final polishing. The pieces are then carefully loaded and delivered to site before our team complete the installation professionally onsite.

If you are looking for that final piece to add quality to your space, we highly recommend investing in this touch of class which is sure to impress. 

Get in Touch

Feel free to fill in this form to get in touch with us. We’d love to hear about your project and find out how we can best assist you. We’ll do our best to get back to you within one business day. Also, feel free to call us directly on 1300 425 266.