Common Questions and Answers

This section is to help those new to building their own home or first business fit out. If you need any further advice, please don’t hesitate to contact us or call directly on 1300 425 266.

Project Estimates

If you are looking to get a quick idea of your project cost, we are able to estimate quickly over the phone. We do this by taking in to consideration the scope of work, the quality of materials and finish required and the size of your space. We are able to provide an approximate per square meter rate to give you a ball park which is ideal before commencing any project to obtain an estimate of the required budget.

Once you are confident you would like to proceed with an accurate quote we are able to some to site and review existing plans to provide an accurate project cost. We usually provide this service free of charge, however for large complex projects we may charge a fee which is deducted from the final cost of the project should you proceed. Some commercial projects may require additional research and scrutiny over plans, legal and tender documents, 3rd party liaison, risk mitigation, onsite assessment, confirmation of scope of works, and other factors which are required to ensure an accurate quotation is provided with minimal variations.

Any additional charges are completely transparent and discussed upfront, if they are applicable to your project. In most instances, a quotation fee is waived. 

Due to the variable nature of our projects, each being completely unique in scope each project quotation comes with a timeline to give you an idea of time to deliver your project. This is subject to third party lead times on stock, specialist contractor availability and other factors presented at the time of quoting. Should quotation acceptance be further than 28 days from the supplied date, these timelines may be subject to change.

We ensure the procurement and contractor management process is catered for in the initial stages of project management so timelines can adjusted accordingly and communicated with you.