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The new home alternative to off the plan homes 

When it comes to owning a new home, there are a few options to consider before deciding upon a purchase. You may decide to purchase a volume built home, buy an existing property (which we can also help to renovate), or build the home of your dreams from scratch. Here we look at a few factors to consider before deciding which is the right fit for you. If you do decide a custom built home is for you and you would like some more information, as always we are here to help.

Why we offer custom built homes

When deciding upon what we would like to offer as a company, we decided it would be best to leverage our existing knowledge, experience and capacity in the bespoke work we already do. We come from a history of completing renovations, extensions and bespoke commercial work so for us it just makes sense to offer custom solutions to fit customers looking to purchase a brand new home. Often our clients may have purchased a block of land, have specific lifestyle requirements or just want to finally get the forever home they have always wanted, and building a custom home is the right solution for them.

Our passion is to see our clients finally happy with the home they own, whether they are investors, customers building on a new block or undertaking  a knockdown rebuild. Being Master Builders with connections to some of the best designers in Melbourne, we are proud to focus and offer custom home building as a solution. Due to the nature of the types of homes we build, we only take on limited projects each year so you can benefit from our full attention.

Why choose a volume built home?

Buying an off the plan or volume home design may be a good option for some. If the homes offered are in an area you are interested in moving to, or you want to be able to see an example of the exact property you are buying a volume built home may be for you. Some companies may even offer budget solutions, or have increased buying power due to volume, but we recommend doing your research to find out if there are any catches. It may be perceived that there is less risk with a volume built home, but in reality you are covered by your building contract and standard workmanship agreements which you are protected by as a consumer under Australian Law.

For some, the process of dealing purchasing house and land packages through a corporate entity may be a stress saver by effectively handing over the reigns to a company to deliver your project. You just pick a design, sign the paperwork, and get the keys at the end… sounds pretty good, doesn’t it!

Fortunately, at Alcon Building we see this as an issue and we strive to offer the same level of service whilst still allowing you to be involved in the creation of your home. Due to the nature of custom home building, your valid input is required at the

Is a volume built home cheaper than a custom built home?

You may be surprised how affordable a custom built home can be. In terms of costs, we see very little benefit from purchasing a volume built home. Generally volume builders may have additional buying power and repeatable processes to reduce some costs, but this may also be outweighed by expensive overheads, marketing costs and corporate wages and backend deals, which are effectively covered in the cost of your home.

As a custom home builder, we have fewer overheads and can price our work accordingly to the value of the home you receive. The real cost is determined by your budget and what you aim to achieve in your new custom home, but you must also consider additional costs for services such as architectural and interior design.

We feel that at the end of the day, difference in costs are fairly negligible so it’s really up to you to decide if you want to go with a volume built home from a larger company, or choose to have your forever home built with a dedicated, boutique custom home builder.

Do you offer volume built homes?

Not at this stage. Once again, custom homes are the core focus of the residential division in our company. This may change in the future, but right now we are giving custom home owners our full undivided attention. We do, however also offer home renovation and home extensions to help increase the aesthetics, value and living standards of an existing property if that is a more suitable option for you.

Luxury is more affordable than you think

Below are some examples or our recent work, including complete custom built homes, home extensions and renovating existing spaces. We specialise in both working with the latest styles and trends of modern homes, and more traditional styles of the past including Art Deco and Edwardian style homes.

Melbourne Home Renovation and Building Stimulus Packages

The Australian government has announced a stimulus of up to $25,000 for eligible singles and couples planning to build or renovate homes between June and the end of December. If you would like to know more on claiming the grant with Alcon Building Group, enter your contact details on the form at the bottom of this page.

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